Broad View Health uses safe, gentle, precise manual osteopathic techniques to assess and treat the causes of your discomfort so it can help you do the things you do - better or more comfortably
What does it cost per osteopathic treatment?
Osteopathic treatments at Broad View Health are $120 per session payable by cash or cheque.

Will my insurance reimburse me?
Most Ontario insurance companies recognize the Osteopathic billing number issued at Broad View Health.

Is Osteopathy just about bones?
The name sounds like it, but Osteopathy treats the whole body – soft tissues, bones, joints, organs, fluids, and body systems.

Are Osteopaths medical doctors?
American trained Osteopaths are called Osteopathic Physicians who are able to prescribe medications and/or perform surgeries. In Canada and elsewhere, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners do not prescribe medications or surgeries. They are not physicians, however they are skilled health care professionals. In addition to being an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Anita Young is also a Registered Nurse (BScN, RN).

How safe is osteopathic treatment at Broad View Health?
The manual osteopathic techniques used are gentle and effective. Osteopathic treatment involves precise positioning that eliminates the need for aggressive or forced adjustments.

How do I make an appointment?
Call 647.668.7177 to book an appointment. You can also book your next appointment during your visit. Broad View Health is not open on weekends.

How can I convince my mother (partner, friend…) to come see you?
Here are the key points most people want to know before they consider Broad View Health:
  • Anita Young has completed the rigorous 7-year curriculum at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. She is also a Registered Nurse (BScN, RN, McMaster University)
  • Anita is a skilled health care professional using hands-on diagnostic and treatment skills developed through years of training.
  • Anita assesses and treats the whole person and recognizes that symptoms may not come from the area that is displaying pain or discomfort
Although you will probably have relief after the first visit, the number of visits will vary according to individual circumstances.


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