Broad View Health uses safe, gentle, precise manual osteopathic techniques to assess and treat the causes of your discomfort so it can help you do the things you do - better or more comfortably
Information for your first visit to Broad View Health:
  • bring or wear loose clothing in a lightweight fabric – t-shirt, shorts/pyjama bottoms
  • women bring or wear a bra
  • arrive 10 minutes early – there is a health history form to complete
  • first appointment is 75 minutes, subsequent visits are 60 minutes
  • cash and cheques are accepted for payment

At your first visit:

  • the session starts with a survey of your health, including a review of history, and primary complaint(s), then a physical assessment of systems and structures that might be related to your discomfort
  • you may be asked to temporarily lift or remove your shirt during assessment
  • Anita will apply gentle pressure to various areas of your body as part of the assessment
  • with your consent, treatment will proceed. This is a gentle hands-on treatment
  • payment is required at the end of each session

About the experience:

  • treatment at Broad View Health is a hands-on practice
  • you will be treated in a warmed room on a massage-style table. You may be asked to stand, sit, walk, bend, temporarily lift or remove your shirt – your experience should not be uncomfortable so please discuss any discomfort with the practitioner
  • you will feel gentle, precise pressure from the practitioner’s hands or arms
  • you may feel local or general sensations of heat, mild tingling, twitching, or “releasing” as tissue function is restored. You may experience deep relaxation or temporary sleepiness during treatment. Although you may not be aware of changes or physical effects during treatment, gentleness of this treatment is not an indication of ineffectiveness (“no pain no gain” does not apply)
  • in days following your visit, you may be aware of continuing adjustments at the site of treatment or other areas of the body
  • you will likely experience immediate and subsequent relief of pain, changes in state of health, and improved ability to engage in activities – these are good indicators of the effectiveness of the treatment for you

Your experience at Broad View Health should be generally pleasant and relaxing. When the weather is nice, feel free to spend time before or after your treatment relaxing in the garden – maybe explore Riverdale Park across the street, or head for lunch on the nearby Danforth.


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